The next photograph…

Photographers by profession are optimistic people. This is a pretty bold statement so let me try and justify it. I’m not talking about subject matter, I’m not going to argue that corner. When a photographer walks out of the door they are certain that they will make some great images that day. Why leave the house if you felt any other way.

Drinking with the Cook

The UAE is one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East however issues of culture and religion are obviously taken very seriously. Nobody wants to cause offense or cross the line yet sometimes it’s a little tricky to know what may or may not be offensive.

One day in Brighton

Whilst I am happy to share my technical knowledge in this blog, I am acutely aware that such emphasis on technicality simply diverts conversation away from what’s really important in photography.

Heres to the crazy ones.

For my first real blog I wanted to tell you a story. I think its a story of success but also of determination and self belief. Its a story about a client of mine, someone I have known for a long time whom I have watched grow and evolve.


Finally I have started to listen. I have been told for ages that I should start a blog. How can I ever hope to change the world by grumbling to myself.