A little bit about me…

I cant remember how old I was when I first picked up a camera but I do remember my first real photograph. I was a young boy on holiday in Cornwall, frustrated with the boredom of the beach and fiddling with my fathers camera when a helicopter flew very low overhead. I quickly swung the heavy camera skywards and fired. When I got the picture back I was shocked. The helicopter was a perfectly frozen silhouette, hanging motionless in the sky.

At this moment I learnt something too profound to understand at the time. The world, daunting in its complexity would provide moments, seemingly unexpected moments, that because I was subconsciously looking for them could be pieced together to define me and the world as I discovered it. All I had to do was keep looking.

That was quite a few years ago now but the start of a lifetime journey. Like a child with a new toy I started photographing everything.

Perhaps the biggest revelation for me was being able to graduate from my somewhat tedious schooling and study photography first at Filton College and then Brighton University. It felt like playing truant, where else would I possibly want to be other than behind a camera or in a darkroom glaring into trays of chemicals like an alchemist waiting with anticipation for my images to slowly appear before my very eyes. Not only did I get to immerse myself totally in the one thing I loved they gave me a Bachelors degree in Editorial Photography for doing it.

I don’t think I consciously sat down one day and said ‘I want to work as a photographer’, I think it was just always my path in life and to cut a long story short that’s pretty much how my career began.

After working in London for several years, in 2005, to satisfy a craving for warmer climates I relocated to Dubai. The UAE provided an ideal opportunity to grow and work with the highest calibre of clients in the editorial, corporate, virtual tours and advertising fields. In late 2020 I decided to relocate back to Europe and base just outside Amsterdam where I now continue to work servicing clients in both the UAE and the Netherlands

Photography has not just been a passion for me it has become a passport into peoples lives. It’s truly been my pleasure to bring my love of what I do to my ever evolving list of clients, who share this journey with me.