Lens Magazine, June 2019

It was a great pleasure for my project ‘the other mosques‘ to be featured in the June 2019 edition of Lens Magazine. Use the controls above to scroll through the edition. A full copy of the magazine can be downloaded by visiting the Mag Cloud website.

Shooting before and after Images

With interior photography shooting before and after images can be really useful for companies that fit out interiors or architects who do a lot of structural remodelling. Putting them on a web page with a slider is a great way of showing off the space before and after and these sliders are commonly understood throughout the web. Shooting before and after images presents a few problems and the purpose of this blog is to run over the biggest problems and …

Ramadan photography: a little different.

With Ramadan now fast approaching I wanted to look back at a shoot from last year for Red Tag and the Orangrie . The agency wanted to take a different approach to Ramadan photography avoiding standard cultural icons. It’s very easy to fall into a time and tested formula of ramadan photography. Instead of standing out from the crowd a brand may sit neatly within this genre and itself become a cliche. Ramadan is a festival which demands respect but …

Don’t stop shooting just because its summer

In the UAE the summer is excessively hot and the sky glazes over with a veil of dust and humidity. As photographers we usually avoid landscape or architectural photography at this time as the light is rarely good. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities to make photographs in the summer.

Interior photography of a Boffi kitchen in Arabian Ranches, Dubai by photographer, Duncan Chard

Natural light interior photography

With Interior photography it’s so very important to understand the objectives of a client. For example an architect will want their clients eyes to float around an entire space, to not be preoccupied with small details but to be immersed in the entirety of the design, the light the structure and its form. An interior or furniture designer on the other hand may be more interested in creating an environment of rich detail, with the eye naturally falling on key …

Een foto van Emirates Airways Boeing 777 en Mercedes S-Klasse op Dubai Airport, door fotograaf Duncan Chard

Behind the Lens- Photographing a Boeing 777 and Mercedes S-Class

I have to admit, I’m a real kid when it comes to planes and cars so when Emirates asked me to photograph a Boeing 777 and a Mercedes S-Class on the tarmac at sunset I got more than a little excited. We had just finished shooting the first Class Cabins earlier in the week which were also inspired by Mercedes. After sitting in the brand new S-Class and the new First Class cabin I am officially extremely jealous of anybody …

Op interieurfoto van de 'Game Changer' First Class-cabine aan boord van een Emirates Airline Boeing 777 van fotograaf Duncan Chard

Emirates First Class Cabins

It was amazing to see Sir Tim Clarke giving a slide show of images containing my latest photographic work for Emirates Airline at the launch the new Emirates First Class Cabins.

HSBC Apple Pay Campaign

I recently shot a nice little campaign for HSBC Apple Pay. Photographically this was an easy shoot but it was really nice to produce images based purely on simple graphical shapes and bold colours.

Behind the Lens, the MAD Graffiti Wall

When I first received the brief for the project I pretty much scanned the email, Photographing artwork is mostly just a fairly straight forward technical exercise so I wasn’t expecting anything too challenging with photographing a graffiti wall. The client wanted to produce a reproduction of the graffiti artwork for the entire wall of their office; ok no problem, we need to make it really high resolution. The building is 15 meters high; ok it’s a little tricky to get …

Een interieurfoto van de vergaderruimte van het Armani Hotel in de Burj Khalifa, Dubai door fotograaf Duncan Chard

Interior Photography: a technical photoshop walkthrough

In this post I will walk through the process of editing interior photography by looking at the workflow of a fairly simple photograph and the process of bringing together the final image to a stage where it can be delivered to a client for publication. To download a low resolution photoshop file for the image used in this tutorial click here. One of the roles of a photographer is actually to make things look really easy and this is especially …

Behind the Lens – The London Underground

Photography is a journey, every experience brings depth to your work as it evolves and changes. As you try new things you learn from your mistakes as well as success and every now and then you make an image which is like a lightbulb moment. These are your ‘hook’ images because they change the way you think and you hang everything on them as you move forward. This week in ‘Behind the Lens’ I want to look at a particular …

Behind the Lens – K9 Friends

Today ‘Behind the Lens’ is about an assignment for the National newspaper to photograph K9 friends the Dubai based charity that seeks homes for stray or abandoned dogs. I was given a tour first thing in morning by Alister Milne, the manager of the Kennels. K9 friends currently has some 120 dogs housed in the facility and Alister explains that there are a further 50 dogs on the waiting list. With an average of 20 dogs arriving each week K9 friends is struggling to …